About District 88a

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District 88a is located north of I80 and east of I55 on Caton Farm Rd in Crest Hill, IL.


Crest Hill is a middle income suburban community located in Will County northwest of Joliet. Richland School District 88A currently has two buildings that are connected.  Richland Elementary School serves students in kindergarten through fourth grade and Richland Junior High School serves fifth through eighth grade. Its 900 students, along with children from six other grade school districts, feed into Lockport High School or one of several parochial secondary schools. The east half of Crest Hill is served by a separate grade school district that is fewer than five hundred students. Crest Hill, Joliet, and Lockport are old communities which are located along the river and have many buildings and houses dating back to the eighteen hundreds.


According to the 2016 Illinois School Report Card, enrollment in the District is comprised of 42% white, 15% Black, 35% Hispanic, 6% Asian, <1% Pacific Islander, 0% American Indian and 2% Two or more Races. A total of 38% of Richland's students received free or reduced cost lunches.  Student mobility rate was 15%, attendance rate was 96% and there was a 21% truany rate (absences more than 5% of school days).

Class Size

The average class size as reported on the 2016 Illinois School Report Card was 23 students.  It is the goal of the Board of Education to maintain class size to maximize the educational experience for all students.


All teachers are properly certified and 66% of the professional staff have a graduate degree as reported on the 2016 Illinois School Report Card.

Other Staff

The administrative staff consists of one Superintendent, one Director of Finance/Human Resources, one Principal, two Assistant Principals (one of which oversees ELL), and one Director of Special Education.  In addition, the District office also employs an Assistant to the Director of Finance/Human Resources and a Secretary to the Superintendent/Registrar.  The District houses a full-time Nurse, Technology Director, two Assistants to the Technology Director, Attendance/Lunch secretary, Media Specialist, one Psychologist and two Social Workers. There is a full time Director of Building and Operations, one Coordinator of Grounds and five full-time custodians.  Each building houses an office with full time clerical support.  In 2011-2012 the District outsourced its transportation and is currently using First Student for all transportation needs.

Parent Support

Richland is proud to have a very active Parent Teacher organization (PTC), and many individuals help with the library, class activities and field trips. As a District we were able to document parental contact at 100% in 2016-2017.

Current Status

Richland School District 88A is a two school district with Richland Elementary and Richland Junior High schools, but joined campuses. The current facilities can accommodate up to 1,200 students.


Richland School District 88A has earned Financial Recognition (Illinois State Board of Education's highest ranking) for the past several years.  This status in light of the resent financial recession in the State of Illinois as there are many variables which are challenging to all public entities.  It is the directive of the Board of Education that we live within our means and will pass a budget only if it is balanced.  For the school year 2016-2017 we have been able to maintain staff and add programs. The Board of Education has been successful in balancing the budget within line items which have the least impact on  student learning.  


The Board of Education has identified the areas of Literacy and Mathematics as high priorities.  In addition to sequencing our curriculum K-8, we work closely with LTHS 205 in the development of our curriculum so our students are adequately prepared for high school and life.