2018-2019 School Year

LOOKING AHEAD – We are beginning to plan for the 2018-2019 school year.  It takes a great deal of time for our staff to create class lists.  Your child's academic, social and emotional needs are carefully considered as the staff forms class lists for next year.  Our teachers do an excellent job of creating balanced class lists, as they know the students very well.  If you have a concern about your placement for next year, you need to share your concerns with your child's classroom teacher IN WRITING by May 7th.  Please keep in mind that you may not request a certain teacher for your child and that some requests may not be able to be fulfilled.  We try to match our student's various learning styles to the different teaching styles of our classroom teachers.


Tardies – Please remember to accompany your child into school and sign him/her in at door #6.  When signing in, please write the students name in and the reason for the tardiness. 

Student ID's Required

Student  ID’s are required to make purchases in the lunchroom, to check out library materials, and to attend school functions.  Parents, please be sure your son/daughter knows where their ID is. Replacements may be purchased in the Media Center for $5.00 each.

School Lunches

Richland School District 88A participates in the National School Lunch Program. Applications for Free/Reduced lunches will be available in the District Office after July 27, 2016.

Hot lunches are supplied by Quest Food Mgmnt Services. Monthly menu's are posted on the Richland School District website, and are also sent home with students at the end of every month.

Payment for lunches can be made online @ MyMealTime.com, the student ID number will be required.  Cash or checks made payable to Richland are also accepted. Please contact Mrs. Sands at 815-744-6166 ext. 105 with any questions.

Daily Lunch Costs
Full Price = $3.50
Reduced Price = $0.40
Ala Carte Milk = $0.30

Attendance Line

TO REPORT AN ABSENCE: Please call the attendance line at (815)744-6166 ext. 105 by 9:00 AM to report your child's absence. Please remember to  include a reason for the absence. Students who have been to a doctor's appointment, may be required to bring a note from the doctor when they return to school.

STUDENTS WHO ARE TARDY: Please sign your student into the Late Arrival/Tardy book in the Principal's office. Please keep in mind that every time a student is late, they are missing valuable class time. Missed class time means missed learning time.